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Back on Ascension with a team getting bigger every day


By Juliette Hennequin

Dive surveys have started here in Ascension this past week-end with a highly motivated team of 10 divers, all keen to do their best to contribute to the project. After a lovely test dive Saturday, we achieved quite a lot in our Sunday dives, dedicated to collections.

The team was split according to the needs of the survey, some concentrating on macro photography, some on collecting samples, some focusing on Tile Fish piles. I know, this is intriguing, but don't worry, we will come back to you and let you know more about these later...let's just keep a bit of mystery for now!


In fact, it turns out 8 of us were scuba diving and the 2 other were spear fishing, trying to collect Rock Hinds, Squirrel Fish and Spotted Morays, the latter being the trickiest. I happen to have been on that team, and as much as it sounds nice and cool on paper, the activity turns out to be quite tricky, our fellow scientists having needs, you see! They actually want us to get them tiny little fish, which are not the easiest to spear, as you could surely imagine.

I will leave you for now and come back to you as soon as I can with some surely nice stories, and a few more photos!


Gearing up for the SMSG/SAERI Ascension Island Sur...
The amazing Tile Fish Piles


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