The full list of participants for the marine survey of Ascension Island, August, 2012.

The Shallow Marine Surveys Group is very pleased to present our team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who will be travelling from around the world to gather in August 2012 on a tiny volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic.

We are confident the expedition goals to survey and catalogue the wide diversity of marine life found there will benefit from the collaboration of such a diverse international team bringing a wide range of backgrounds and experience to the effort.

In the weeks to come we will be introducing the individuals involved with more detail on their backgrounds and personal objectives for the expedition. We will also invite team members to post their own thoughts and experiences as they take part in the expedition.

 Shallow Marine Surveys Group

Ascension Island Government

Falkland Islands Government

South Georgia Government

British Forces South Atlantic Islands

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece

University of Exeter/Ascension Island Government

British Antarctic Survey

Center of Marine Sciences (CCMAR), Faro, Portugal

Ascension Island Dive Club