A rainy and blustery winter evening set the stage for a cozy sampling of wines and cheeses in support of the Shallow Marine Surveys Group. The fundraiser, hosted at Government House, allowed ticket holders to taste many different wines and sample fourteen types of cheese. A looping slide show exhibited underwater scenes and species from around the islands.

The Governor, Alan Huckle, and SMSG biologist Jude Brown
enjoying the evening of wine and cheese tasting.

SMSG marine biologist Jude Brown spoke on the history of the marine survey project, the work done to date, and future plans. Those plans include extending the spatial and temporal scope of the surveys, as well as more focused studies on the marine sponges, infaunal organisms and algae of the Falklands. The event, which hosted over 100 guests representing a cross-section of Stanley community, raised over £1,200. This will go towards the publication of a marine and shoreline field guide as well as the purchase of a research boat.

SMSG would like to thank all those who attended. Thanks also go to Stanley Services and Falklands Fish Farming Ltd for their generous donation of wines for the evening.

Special thanks to His Excellency the Governor and the staff of Government House for their donations of cheese, wine, venue, and enormous assistance in hosting the event.

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