Bryozoan (lace coral) diversity in the South Atlantic revealed.


SMSG hosts Dr Blanca Figuerola in her study of spatial patterns of bryozoan biodiversity in the Falklands and South Georgia.

Bryozoans, colonial invertebrates, are abundant and important members of the benthic community, inhabiting from the shallow to the abyssal plains. Although they are of the conspicuous members on the benthic assemblage, bryozoans of the Falkland and South Georgia Islands remain understudied.

Supported by the Shackleton Scholarship Fund, Blanca's work saw her diving around the Falklands, plus the chance to examine material from the Falkland's shelf and samples collected by SMSG in their 2010 South Georgia expedition. 

This study will provide new data on sub-Antarctic bryozoan biodiversity, their spatial patterns and their biogeographic links with neighbouring Antarctic and Patagonian regions. 

Download Blanca's preliminary report here.  While in the Falkland's Blanca was supported by SMSG, FIG Fisheries Department, SAERI, and the University of Barcelona.   Contact Blanca for further info.


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