SMSG Ltd offers a number of commercial services

Please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss your upcoming project and a quote tailored to your needs. 


Diver Support

Highly experienced cold and warm water divers, hire of tanks and fills, weight belts, assorted SCUBA gear. We can provide vessel support, and we will supply fully qualified and experienced crew. 


Access and Logistics

We generally use two vessels; a 28 ft American Fastfisher which has been adapted for use as a dive platform, and a towable RIB that gives us access to much of the coastline around the Falklands.  We can provide 4x4 off road access to remote locations with a great deal of local knowledge.  For longer surveys around the Falklands or further afield to remote locations including South Georgia, South America and Antarctica, we have  access to a number of local vessels that can sleep up to 12 people for weeks at a time. 


Biological Surveys

Quantitative and qualitative subtidal and intertidal surveys by scientists who are experience with local conditions and habitats, via divers or remote drop-down camera and towed sides-scan shallow water sediment morphology.  Through our collaborators, we can carry out a number of physical analyses (eg sediment grain-size and chemical analyses) and specialist taxonomic identification.


Environmental Consulting

SMSG are the knowledge base for marine flora and fauna in the Falklands, and can identify key physical and biological receptors of a wide variety of potential impacts.  We specialise in standard and novel ecological analyses, interpretation and reporting. 

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