Paul BricklePaul is co-founder of SMSG, research diver and one of the group’s marine biologists. Paul is currently the Director of the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI).  Paul grew up in Zambia and Malawi but for some reason sought cooler climes by attending universities in the UK and then working and living in the Falkland Islands.  Paul has a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He also has an MSc and PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in fisheries biology and zoology respectively. Paul’s interests include the ecology and oceanography of the southern Patagonian Shelf, particularly the reproductive biology, age and growth, population dynamics and the population structure of marine species inhabiting the waters of this region. He also has a keen interest marine parasites and their use as biological tags for investigating the population structure and migration of fish hosts. Paul continues to be a part of a number of trophic studies of marine fish around the Falkland Islands and is interested in the environmental and fisheries impact on trophic structures in communities. Paul is also interested in shallow marine ecology, community ecology and biogeography of small isolated islands.

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