Wetjens DimmlichWetjens is a Director of the group. He is also a research diver and photographer. Originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He moved to Melbourne, Australia and obtained his BSc in Zoology and GIS/Remote Sensing at James Cook University of North Queensland. He worked in fisheries research around Australia for a decade before accepting a PhD scholarship in Fisheries Science at Adelaide University. A keen photographer, Wetjens has also been diving since 1986.

Wetjens began his career working on the ecology and conservation of marine turtles in tropical Australia and has since been involved in many other research projects, with particular emphasis on pelagic fish species. He studied the prey species of the little penguin (Eudyptulaminor) in Victoria for several years before moving to South Australia to develop fisheries monitoring protocols for the nascent sardine (Sardinopssagax) fishing industry in that state.  His main focus before moving to the Falkland Islands has been an investigation of the biology, life history and stock assessment of anchovies (Engraulisaustralis) in South Australian waters. During three years with the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department, Wetjens was involved in oceanographic studies in addition to stock assessment and management of commercially fished species around the Falkland Islands.

Wetjens currently works in the Seychelles. where he is the Indian Ocean Tuna Manager for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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